+ Downloadable mobile PDF guide with 30 photo examples of poses and prompts I use for my couples sessions.
+ My insight and philosophy on posing couples
+ BONUS - my Spotify playlist I use at every session to make my couples feel comfortable!

The Pocket Posing Guide for Couples - $70

Never run out of pose ideas at your couples session again. This pocket guide is packed full of 30+ pose & prompt ideas broken up into 3 categories based on your couples personalities: romantic, editorial & playful. The deck starts with my philosophy on posing and how it can naturally flow with your couple and the location. Posing doesn't have to be scary! This guide will be your pocket resource for inspiration & reminders so you crush your next session!


A pocket guide designed to keep you from blanking at your next couples shoot.

Understanding posing is an essential part of being a photographer, there's just no avoiding it. What we CAN avoid is the stomach pit feeling of not knowing what poses to use next while shooting with clients. Instead of allowing posing to be intimidating, this pocket posing guide is going to show you how it can naturally flow with your couple and the location. All you need are 3-5 base poses from this guide to begin your session with and you'll be crushing all of your sessions & getting glowing testimonials in no time!

There are no refunds or returns after purchase. reproduction and/or redistribution of this product in any way, shape, or form is strictly prohibited.

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A downloadable mobile PDF guide with photo examples of 30 different prompts and poses I personally use for my couples. 

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This is great for all photographers who need some base poses to use in their engagement and couples sessions.

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