I am sentimental to my core. It’s my greatest strength and simultaneously, my greatest weakness. I make too big of a deal about things and I cry even when I'm happy (and especially on my birthday, don’t even get me started). My fiancées favorite way of impersonating me is by saying “I don't even know why I'm crying!!!” as tears stream down my cheeks. It’s just who I am & I embrace it to my core.

I'm just a


at heart. 

My story is worth a thousand pictures.

I’m the kind of person who makes a yearbook of my life every single year. They’re full of my favorite photos and memories. I love looking through old photos with my grandma’s and listening to the stories behind each frozen moment in time. 

I live with the philosophy that life is the greatest movie i’ll ever see. You never quite know what's coming, even though you’re in the director's seat. Some of the best moments of your life have yet to happen, some of your favorite people you have yet to even meet. How exciting is that to think about? Why wouldn’t you want to document it all and reminisce? 

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libra sun, scorpio moon, enneagram 7

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What I'm


ri or riri! my mom's side of the family is actually from Barbados (where the og rihanna is from!)

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sza, drake, kanye, frank ocean & tyler the creator

moving to madrid to study journalism for a year and traveling Europe solo

natural & film-inspired with a story-telling perspective

trash tv (anything on bravo & tlc)

I was born in Manchester, England! I moved to the US when I was 8

My bedroom, I love interior design and making my home as zen as possible!

All About

Why is 7 so important to me?

Well…there’s many many reasons why 7 plays a huge role in my life. First, I am enneagram 7.
Sevens are known as the “Enthusiasts''. We’re extroverted, optimistic, spontaneous, playful & high-spirited. We constantly seek out new and exciting experiences. 

I’m also a Libra , and Libra is the 7th zodiac sign. Libra’s are obsessed with balance and strive to create equilibrium in all areas of life.

7 also shows up in my life when I need it. When I feel unsure of the path in life to take, when I need a sign that I'm in the right place, that I’m making the right choice, it shows up in some way,  somehow. When I moved to Madrid by myself for a year, my gate number at the airport was 7. Then my new apartment number was 7. When my mom and I drove across the country to move from Maryland to California, the exit to our new home was 7. I met my soulmate and he asked me to be his girlfriend on the 7th.

 It just feels like the universe is leaving me little breadcrumbs. Nudges in the right direction.


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I'm Ri, a California-based intimate wedding and elopement photographer capturing timeless moments for sentimental souls. I travel world-wide for love and spend way too much time romanticizing my life.