The second shooters handbook

The Second Shooter's Handbook is a 42 page in-depth guide that covers how to begin your career as a wedding photographer by second shooting. This guide will teach you exactly how to become a top-tier second shooter everyone will want to hire. It covers the entire process of shooting a wedding: the preparation, gear, full wedding day timeline, post-wedding procedures & best practices. After reading this guide, you'll be 100% prepared to crush your first wedding!

+ Downloadable 42 Page in-depth PDF guide with photo examples.
+ My insight and philosophy on how to be the best second shooter ever
+ BONUS - Email outreach template to use for emailing photographers you want to second shoot for!


Love Notes

The only guide you need to confidently learn how to second shoot a wedding.

When I second shot my first wedding in 2018, nobody told me to shoot with a dual card slot camera, what I was responsible for shooting during the day & how I should go about editing and sharing the photos for my portfolio.

I want to make your first wedding as stress free as possible and you feel confident in the ways to serve and show up as a second shooter. This is the guide that will make you feel 100% prepared to second shoot a wedding AND become the second shooter everyone wants to hire!

"Wow. this is a guide I wish I had when I was first starting to second shoot! Even now as an experienced second photographer, there are tips and reminders that I’ll be taking with me on future jobs."

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This is great for photographers who want to begin a career in the wedding industry by learning how to second shoot before booking their own weddings.

A downloadable 42 Page in-depth PDF guide with photo examples.

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