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Presets designed to feel like snapshots from your favorite romance film.


This is the starting point and base I use for all of my digital work. It features cool, true to life greens, warm and realistic skin tones, creamy highlights and whites that will stay white. This is my favorite preset to get my digital work to be cohesive with my film.


Warm film is my go-to preset for making any digital image feel like film. This preset works especially well with light and shadows. It crushes and softens shadows just as film does, while also softening and warming up the highlights. It's a warmer toned preset than Cool Film, and I find myself reaching for this preset most often!


Cool film is perfect for when you still want the film look, but your photo was taken in cooler lighting or an overcast day. It will also soften and crush the shadows while softening the highlights and adding a subtle blue tint. 

This is my classic black and white preset. Clean, timeless and effortless. I barely ever tweak this preset, it creates the perfect soft yet contrasted black and white every single time. 

B&W 01

Black and white 02 is more of a film-style black and white, with faded shadows, soft highlights and lots of grain for that film-like texture. 

B&W 02


Flash 01 is a classic, clean flash preset. It keeps skin tones vibrant, pops whites and highlights and fades out blacks. It's my go-to flash preset for weddings and has saved my work time and time again when my flash doesn't want to cooperate. 

Flash 02 is a film-inspired flash preset that I love to use for dance floor shots! Like film, it adds coolness to the shadows, fades them out and adds chunky grain to emulate Portra 800. 


The perfect skin brush is a tool I use in every single gallery. It removes texture and redness from the skin and is truly the finishing touch for all of my images. 

Sunset boost is a fun tool I like to use when I really want the colors of the sky to pop and give the image a cinematic feel.




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These presets are perfect for hybrid photographers who shoot on digital and film. Making your digital & film work cohesive for your clients is so important, and these presets are the perfect blend of cinematic, film-inspired and timeless.

The Presets only work with Lightroom Classic CC (version 7.5 or later), Lightroom CC (version 1.3 or later), and Adobe Camera Raw (version 10.5 or later).  Please note that these presets are created for RAW images only and are ONLY Compatible with the software versions listed above. The Custom Mask tools are only compatible with Lightroom Classic (version 12.3 or later), Lightroom CC (version 6.3.1 or later) Adobe Camera Raw (version 15.3 or later).

Yes! If you download the presets into normal Lightroom (NOT Lightroom Classic) they will sync to your Lightroom app on your iPad or iPhone. 

No preset will be a one-click and done kind of preset. They all require tweaking to the exposure, white balance, tint and many other settings to bring out the final image. Included in your purchase is a full video walk through of me editing multiple different galleries with the presets to show you how I personally tweak and adjust them for all lighting scenarios. 

5 Lightroom Classic Desktop color presets, 2 B&W presets & 2 tools

Install guide & full editing video walkthrough

Comparing Digital to 35mm Film



flash 02

warm film

"As a wedding photographer who shoots film, these presets are as close to emulating that filmy feel on digital with little to no adjustments. I already know these are going to be my new go to presets - they achieve what I have been trying to edit like in less steps than what I was using before. These are beautiful presets that can be universally used for film inspired images that will absolutely compliment your scans!"


"A game changer"

"Love these presets! They are exactly what I’ve been looking for!! Super easy to use and can be applied to lots of different settings and lighting situations. 10/10"



"Love the presets, super easy to use and adjust to your own style. They look like what they sounds like, so if you like nostalgic filmy looking presets these are perfect."


"These presets will be all I use!"

"I’ve been looking for presets that work best with green. I can finally say I found them. I love these presets so much! They are also super easy to use and adjust. I will be using them for all my photos now!"


"I'm obsessed with the greens!"

"The Nostalgia Pack is a GAME CHANGER! Trying to get that classic look of film can be so challenging and these presets have made it so simple, not to mention that they are identical to how film captures light and adds a specific type of indescribable softness. The skin brush preset made retouching a breeze and gave the skin and image a certain glow without all of the fuss. I’m definitely going to be putting these to use on the regular!!"


"These presets cut my editing time in half"

Meet Ria - Digital & 35mm Film
Hybrid Photographer

Hi! I'm Ria, the creator of The Nostalgia Pack. I am a hybrid digital and 35mm film photographer who has been in the wedding industry for 6 years. I am drawn to film because it conveys a sense of nostalgia. It's how our parents, grandparents and great grandparents captured their most precious memories and passed them down to us. It forces us to slow down and live in the present and to notice the small moments that make up our lives. I created The Nostalgia Pack for photographers at any level to have timeless presets that can be taken in a cinematic, filmy or classic style direction. I hope you love them as much as I do! 

Ri x 

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Meet Ria - Digital & 35mm Film
Hybrid Photographer


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I'm Ri, a California-based intimate wedding and elopement photographer capturing timeless moments for sentimental souls. I travel world-wide for love and spend way too much time romanticizing my life.